Brian L Hughes is a singer/songwriter folk musician
      Brian L Hughes

My music falls into the contemporary folk category. It is a blend of acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, percussion and vocals. I try to compose a unique feeling using syncopated rhythm and lighthearted lyrics.

I attempt to put some order on my table, I want to be secure. I sing about social struggles we face every day. I attempt to mend our relationships torn as we strain against adversity and mockery. I'll pacify negativity with humor and delight.

I am confident I have carved out a niche in the world of music. I will continue to compose with the same formula that has made me what I am. I'm going to keep writing and playing the way I want to, I won't perform any other way. I'll keep trying to be unique.

I grew up in a small town in north central Washington. Music has always been a part of my life. I'm working on my 10th CD.

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9. Apricot Tangle Buy/download Apricot Tangle From CD-Baby.COM   Sep 21 2009Aug 16 2011
8. Prolific Mingle Buy/download Prolific Mingle From CD-Baby.COM   Mar 3 2008Sep 21 2009
7. Sound Feelings Buy/download Sound Feelings From CD-Baby.COM   Mar 18 2007Jul 31 2008
6. Delicate Eyes Buy/download Delicate Eyes From CD-Baby.COM   Oct 10 2006Mar 15 2007
5. Cool Fidelity Buy/download Cool Fidelity From CD-Baby.COM   July 30 2006Oct 1 2006
4. Chronological Harmonics   Buy/download Chronological Harmonics From CD-Baby.COM   May 21 2006July 27 2006
3. Dream Hold   Buy/download Dream Hold From CD-Baby.COM   Feb 11 2006May 21 2006
2. Share The Health   Buy/download Share the Health From CD-Baby.COM   Sept 21 2005Jan 1 2006
1. Specific Gravity Buy/download Specific Gravity From CD-Baby.COM   July 21 2005Sept 19 2005
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Sun Through the Clouds Brian L Hughes
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